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Our Story

Our Story

We were born in a world where the working tradition has always been linked to concepts of high professionalism and great quality. We have always believed that companies are first and foremost made up of men and strategies. We wanted a certification body that was on a human scale where, in addition to the values of professionalism, ethics, fairness and competence, there were also, and above all, the will and style of men who believe in what they do.










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Quality for us

We want a certification body that is close to its customers, capable of understanding and assisting them, and that always has a practical and managerial view of the company. We want, and will continue to want, a prestigious, international certification body. In a world where competition and ethics do not always go together, we want the companies we certify to be able to boast of their certification. With these ideas, today, we conduct every assessment.

Our Mission

Providing a high-level certification service that allows our clients to improve and enhance, through a cultural comparison, the performance of their organisation with respect to human resources, the environment and business. To create a dynamic, enthusiastic and ethical working environment within our organisation that allows us to grow and let the best of each employee express themselves.

Our Vision

Becoming leaders in our business and players in each of our market and geographical areas.

Our Philosophy

As an independent, impartial and professional organisation, we are committed to working towards a future that meets the needs of Humanity and the Environment in the long term.



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