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Parallel Discover certification attests to all interested parties (customers, institutions, citizens, consumers, etc.) that the organisation operates in compliance with the requirements set out in the reference standard. It therefore represents an element of guarantee that can be used against third parties.

Brands of excellence

The IQ Mark was devised and patented by Parallel Discover to certify a company's soundness in various fields of interest (Quality, Environment, Energy, Safety). This mark is associated with an IQ index that indicates to companies the level of quality achieved and its balance with the price offered. As such, the IQ index is particularly suitable not only for monitoring the company's performance, but also for assessing its offer on the market. Finally, the IQ Mark is also associated with an IQ web portal that collects all certified services by also providing the IQ number and thus with a good indicator for users on the balance between Quality and Price.

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) encompasses creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge about humanity, culture and society, and to devise new applications of available knowledge.


The training courses offered by Parallel Discover have for years been a point of reference for training and refresher courses for freelancers and company personnel, who can draw directly on the wealth of knowledge gained in over 25 years spent in the service of product and system quality.



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