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I purchased the service for the integrated Quality, Environment, Safety certification and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and the real added value of the certification.


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Remote Certification

Distance certification

Parallel Discover was already a leading provider of remote certification services, but the coronavirus pandemic increased the need for such solutions. We used this opportunity to expand and refine our "Distance Certification Service"a suite of ISO certification options at drastically reduced costsas there are no travel expenses. You can calculate the quote in complete autonomywithout having to send emails and wait for our reply. You can enter which certification you need, provide a minimum of details about your company, and immediately get your quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can buy it immediately online, or you can evaluate it at your leisure and then decide. If you need information, we are here. You can find our contact details almost everywhere on the site and in particular on the page contacts.
Unlike traditional in-person services, Parallel Discover's remote services can be provided to any company anywhere in the world, without the need for expensive air travel, hotels or rental cars. When you purchase the service we contact you to arrange a live online meetingso we can get to know each other and organise your certification.
All the prices indicated in the quotation are not approximate estimatesare the actual prices based on the size of your company and the scope of work. You won't spend a penny more than written in the budget. For Italian companies, in some regions, there may be non-repayable financing to help reduce costs further.
The certificate that Parallel Discover issues is of conformity with the standard you have chosen. We are not accredited by any body in order to remain free and independent in our operating methods and evaluations. We are convinced that the value of our certification does not depend on an accredited body, but on the competence, professionalism e independence of our auditors. It is our customer who decides on the validity and legitimacy of our work and our certificate. We are careful to train and hire experienced auditors, because on their experience and competence depends the added value we can offer. If the customer is satisfied, he will introduce us to others. This is how we work from over 25 yearsby word of mouth from customers alone.
In any case, we are aware that your client may ask you for a certificate issued by an accredited body. In this case you can use our certificate as a preliminary audit report in order to subsequently obtain a certificate issued by an accredited body of your choice.
There is more. Since we are experts in the certification process, because we have been doing just that for over 25 years, if you choose to certify with Parallel Discover and you also want a certificate issued under accreditation, we will provide you with free assistance during the certification audit of the accredited body. You read it right, no additional cost. We are on your side, in any case.

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Certification provides the following benefits:

  • offer greater assurance to customers of the organisation's ability to comply with agreed requirements and mandatory legislation applicable to the product/service;
  • acquiring an increasingly popular requirement in public auctions and by major international companies to qualify their suppliers;
    obtain a reduction of the deposit for participation in public auctions;
    acquire a worldwide recognised reference.


Because Parallel Discover is a certification body on a human scale, close to its customers, able to understand and assist them, able to always have a practical vision e managerial of the company.

Because Parallel Discover, once it has acquired the contract, immediately identifies the auditor in charge of performing the audit so that the organisation can call on him/her for technical issues, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings during the certification audit.

Because we employ exclusive employees or auditors for auditing activities, in order to ensure maximum confidentiality and impartiality.



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